Cheap and reliable business visa approval letter service

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/Cheap and reliable business visa approval letter service

 VNHUB is one of the leading agencies in Vietnam for business visa approval letter with a success rate of up to 99.9%, providing services in the business visa approval letter, work permit, and Vietnam temporary residence card.

Before entering Vietnam for business purposes, you must have sponsorship from a licensed company in Vietnam.

Types of approval letters

- Single entry

- Multiple entries

The business visa is valid for a maximum of one (1) year.

Places to get the visa: Vietnam Embassy/ Consulate or international border gates on arrival.

business visa approval letter

Business visa approval letter for forengers

What is a business visa approval letter?

The business visa approval letter is granted to those entering Vietnam for business purposes, including:

+ Working visa (LD)

+ Business visa (DN)

+ Investor visa (DT)

In addition, if you have one of these visas, you’ll be issued a Vietnam work permit (Allowed to work in Vietnam for 2 years)

 work permits for foreigners

 Work permits for foreigners

What’s showed in your approval letter?

-  The information confirms that you’re allowed to enter Vietnam and get visa stamped at the airport or international border gate upon arrival.

- Your full name, date of birth, passport number, and nationality

- Duration of your entry

Required documents for a business visa approval letter

- Passport with validity of at least 06 months

- Approval letter from provincial authority where the guaranteeing company is based

- Application form NA2

- Approval letter fee

If you have any difficulties as listed below, please contact us for consultancy

- You have no idea about the procedures.

- You don’t have a guaranteeing company.

- Your nationality belongs to the restricted list.

- Your dossier doesn’t meet the requirements of the business visa approval letter.

It’s very important to apply for a business visa approval letter and use it with the right purpose during your stay in Vietnam. This is because your entry purpose can greatly affect your rights and benefits when applying for visa extension or renewal in the future.

If you’re staying in Vietnam with a working visa (LD, DN) and it’s about to expire, you can extend your visa at the Vietnam visa extension service for foreigners. VNHUB will definitely support your visa extension fast!

Vietnam visa for foreigner

Where to receive a visa after the Approval Letter is accepted?

The approval letter shows exactly where you can get the visa, so you need to remember this clearly. Vietnam visa-issuing authorities after your approval letter is accepted include:

+ Vietnam Embassy/ Consulate

+ International border gates (airports, land, sea, or river)

Vietnam visa approval letter services for foreigners

- VNHUB will consult and instruct you on how to complete all procedures as required.

- Assist you to prepare all documents as regulations.

- Show you which international checkpoint to get your visa.

- Pickup and deliver dossier to your door for free within Ho Chi Minh City.

- We offer airport pickup service, instruct you to get visa stamped, and check-in at Vietnam Embassy or international border gates as regulations.

Why choose VNHUB?

- Customer satisfaction with a success rate of 99.9%.

- Express processing, timely delivery.

- Committed to doing our best in case of incomplete dossiers.

- Assist you to prepare all the required documents.

- A reasonable price is guaranteed.

If you have any difficulties in the preparation or looking for business visa approval letter services, feel free to contact us at 0907.874.240. VNHUB consultants will instruct you to handle your case specially. Just call us right now!


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