How to apply Vietnamese relative visit visa for foreigners?

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/How to apply Vietnamese relative visit visa for foreigners?

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This type of visa is symbolized as TT and has the maximum validity of 01 year (12 months). According to the regulations of Law on entry, exit, transit, and residence for foreigners in Vietnam, visa TT is granted for one of the following cases:

- Those whose parent is a Vietnamese.

- Those who have temporary or permanent residence cards in Vietnam can guarantee their grandparents, parents, spouse, and children under 18 to enter.

- Those who have temporary residence cards can guarantee their spouse, children under 18 to live in Vietnam together within the permitted duration on the card, under the guarantee of inviting authorities or organizations.

Their Vietnamese relatives have to obtain an Approval Letter for them at Vietnamese Immigration Department. Necessary documents are as follows:

- Vietnam Visa Approval Letter Application Form (Form NA2)

- Foreigners’ passport valid at least 6 months

- Guaranteeing Letter (Form NA3) of Vietnamese relatives

- A notarized copy of marriage certificate.

If the documents are in foreign language, it must be translated into Vietnamese and notarized according to the regulations.

- The original of the Vietnamese’s ID Card

How to apply Vietnamese relative visit visa for foreigners?

Steps of applying Approval Letter:

1. Prepare documents: The guarantors fill up form NA3 and get it certified by the Police of Commune or Ward where they are permanently or temporarily living.

2. Submit documents: The guarantors or the authorized individuals submit documents to apply for Approval Letter at the Immigration Department (Note: Personal documents must be carried along.)

3. Get the result: The Immigration Department sends the result after 05 working days since all documents are collected perfectly. The date of entry and place to receive visa will be shown clearly on the Letter.

4. Inform the foreigners: When the Approval Letter is approved by the Immigration Department, the guarantors scan and send it to the foreigners by email. They will print it out and move to Step 5.

5. Get visa and pay fee: Place to get visa and conduct immigration process on arrival depends on which international airport is registered on the Approval Letter before, normally at an overseas Vietnamese Diplomatic or Vietnamese border gates (For example, international airports: Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat, Da Nang, etc.)

At the place of getting visa, the applicants fill in and submit form NA1 stamped a 3x4cm photo

+ Original passport + a copy of the Approval Letter printed in Step 4, then pay fee according to the regulations, and finally get a visa at Vietnamese overseas Embassy/Consulate or international airport border gates.

For further information about guaranteeing procedures and Approval Letter for foreigners, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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