Services on Vietnamese visa for foreigners with difficult Nationality

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/Services on Vietnamese visa for foreigners with difficult Nationality

You have a demand on immigrating to Vietnam for the purpose of traveling, visiting relatives or working…However, you are currently a citizen with “difficult nationality” and are worrying about Vietnamese visa application. Please contact Visatop immediately for support on Vietnam visa application for foreigners with difficult nationality. Vietnam is a stable country on political – social aspects, where it is so strict with regard  to security. In recent years, Vietnam has restricted policy on immigration to African countries, Islam or other countries where usually have disputes, conflicts…


In order to apply for an entry visa for citizens of these countries, it is necessary to go through a complex, time and cost  consuming procedure. There are even cases where you cannot get a visa. 

How is a citizen with “difficult nationality”?

Citizens with difficult nationality are usually zoned as:

- African countries: the whole territory of Africa 

- Middle East countries: Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Yemen.

- South Asia countries: India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestine, Sri Lanka.

- Other countries: Albania, Ecuador.

- In addition, for nationalities such as Afghan, Israeli or some other Islamic countries…

Vietnam visa service

Instructions on procedure to apply for a Vietnamese Visa 

If travelers have a special affection  for Vietnam, let prepare documents to apply for a Vietnam visa under the following instructions.

There are many ways to apply for a Vietnamese entry visa.  However, foreign travelers usually use 2 following ways:

Manner 1: Apply for a visa at the Vietnam consular office in your home country

To apply for Vietnamese visa in home country, you need to fully prepare documents as follows and submit to Embassy/Consulate of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam for approval:

- Passport which is still valid for at least 6 months without being torn or blurred

- Vietnamese visa application must be fully completed according to the form 

- The copies of documents providing work, finance, purpose… to immigrate Vietnam 

- Pay visa fee at the Embassy/Consulate under the regulations. 

Manner 2: Apply for Vietnamese visa at the airports (Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat, Da Nang)

To apply for Vietnamese visa at the airports, you need to fully prepare documents as follows:

- Passport which is still valid for at least 06 months without being torn or blurred 

- The Official Letter on Immigration approved by Immigration Department – Ministry of Public Security of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam allowing you to immigrate and receive a visa at the International airport in Vietnam. This Official Letter is granted by Immigration Department to an individual or a guarantee organization.

For traditional manner to apply for visa (manner 1), it will not be guaranteed 100% success for travelers. In addition, they may have difficulties because of inflexibility and complex procedures. In contrast,  there are many people using manner 2 successfully, which is to apply for Vietnamese visa by applying for a visa at the border gate with IMMIGRATION OFFICIAL LETTER. 

Vietnam visa service

Difficulties when Foreign travelers apply for Vietnamese visa by themselves?

If you are a foreigner and you want to apply for visa by yourself, you will usually face with difficulties such as:

- The supervision is strict, the rae of success is 50/50, the rate of visa approval is not guaranteed 

- Procedures are difficult that need complex documents as well as time of approval 

- Not many companies dare to work for fear of trouble later

- There is very little online instruction information which is not detailed and hard to search. This causes difficulties in the capture of law regulations and process of applying for Vietnamese entry visa. 

- Documents to apply for immigration official letter, visa are returned many times because the entry permit requirements have not been met. This will make your plan be late, time and money will be consumed.


As a bridge,  to expand and help foreign travelers come to Vietnam easily, and the most important thing is that you do not have to face “challenges” on administrative procedures here, we are willing to help you fully  “overtake” those troubles in the most perfect way. 

We will help you get Vietnamese visa with:

Diverse duration of Vietnamese visa: 

1 month

3 months 

6 months 

1 year 

(Tourist visa  only has duration from 1 to 3 months)

The number of visa entry/exit: single, multiple. 


The time of getting visa 

1 week

5 days

3 days



Contact hotline: 0907.874.240 for detailed instructions on applying for Vietnamese entry visa for foreigners.

Services on Vietnamese visa for foreigners 

With steady knowledge and experience in handling documents for thousands of foreign travelers, we are confident to support many cases of customers. The evidence is that we provide diverse services such as:

- Services on applying for entry visa at the Diplomatic Presentative in foreign country 

- Services on applying for entry visa for foreigners at border gate/airport 

- Services on long-term visa for foreign investors 

- Services on visa with 5-year visa exemption for Overseas Vietnamese, foreigners getting married with Vietnamese 

What is our company like?

In order for you and international friends can visualize a prestigious, quality company… which deserve a place where international friends can trust, our company would like to provide some information as follows: 

+ We are a prestigious international travel business company in Vietnam, with clear and unchanged address, so you can count on it. 

+ More than 15 years of experience is the indirect figure that confirms the level of profession and seriousness of a prestigious and quality service company.  

+ We are nominated by the Vietnam Immigration Department on providing services.

+ We are a head company not an agent of any other company. 

+ We are legally eligible to guarantee you to enter Vietnam  

+ We have many forms of support to increase the convenience such as live chat, phone, email…

+ Our experts can use English fluently, ensure to answer all your questions 

+ We clearly publicise when entering into service contracts. All expenses are fully listed and informed to you at the beginning, the contents and costs are shown clearly and transparently.

Building a system of providing services on applying for Vietnamese visa is not simple and it must operate under the strict supervision of law. We always highly appreciate customers’ rights in order not to cause damages to our company’s reputation and Vietnam image. 

What are highlights  of service on applying for Vietnamese visa for foreigners of our company?

+ 100% of success on applying for Vietnamese entry visa. 

+ Support to quickly complete documents, advise and answer clearly and understandably questions 24/7, always update the latest information about document situation of customers. 

+ Handle difficult documents: you do not have guarantee company, incomplete documents, difficult nationality… 

+ Support on quick application in case of emergency, respond to urgent needs within 30 minutes, outside working hours, Saturday and Sunday. 

+ Competitive cost and NO additional cost incurred during the implementation. 

+ Enthusiastic staff with many years of experience.

+ On behalf of customers to work directly with a competent office. 

With the general mentality of foreign travelers, when contacting Visa service companies, they need to find a prestigious company, which can support them well, ensure that Vietnam visa will be quickly in their hand, and can avoid risks affecting the travelling or working plan. 

With many years of experience in immigration field, our company ensures you will be satisfied with our service quality. Your trust is our development. 
For more detailed information, please contact hotline: 0907.874.240

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