Vietnam temporary residence card service for foreigners – Cheap – Reliable - 100% successful

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/Vietnam temporary residence card service for foreigners – Cheap – Reliable - 100% successful

With successful results guaranteed, simplest procedures and fast processing time, our service of Vietnam temporary residence card for foreigners is trusted by a growing number of partners from Japan, Korea, America, etc. over the years. To learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us!


With the temporary residence card, foreigners can easily enter, exit, transit, as well as protect their lives, properties, benefits, and other legal rights in accordance with laws and international treaties Vietnam signed and agreed.  

Who can apply for temporary residence card?

✓ Foreigners entering Vietnam for tourism

✓ Foreigner who is a member of the two member limited liability company or more

✓ Foreigners who is owner of the one member limited liability company (except as authorized representatives)

✓ Foreigner who is a member of the board director of the stock corporation

✓Foreign lawyers who are granted a license for practicing law in Vietnam by Vietnam Ministry of Justice

✓Foreigner who granted working permit in all kinds of businesses or representative offices of foreign companies;

✓Professionals, students, trainees who are in the national working or studying programs which is signed between the ministries was approved by the Government;

✓Relatives of the temporary resident card holder include: parents, spouse and children

temporary residence card

Service temporary residence card in Vietnam

Requirements for temporary residence card - 100% successful

- The guaranteeing company must meet the requirements to guarantee the foreigner.

-  The foreigner must have no criminal conviction during stay in Vietnam  

*To learn more exactly about your case, please contact us for consultancy.

The validity of temporary residence card

- The validity of temporary residence card is at least 30 days shorter than expiry date of the passport. Expired temporary resident cards must be applied for new ones.

-  The temporary residence cards with symbols DT1 are valid for no more than 10 years.

- The temporary residence cards with symbols NN1, NN2, DT3, TT are valid for no more than 03 years.

- The temporary residence cards with symbols LD2 are valid for no more than 02 years.

temporary residence card in Vietnam

Amazing benefits that temporary residence card holders may enjoy

- Temporary residence card is considered as a 3-5 year visa. As regulations, the foreigner can use the card to enter and exit Vietnam without visa.

- Temporary residence card helps the foreigner save money due to not having to extend their visas many times.

- Foreigners can do business procedures, get married, etc. more conveniently.

- Foreigners who are granted temporary residence card can buy departments or houses in the near future.

If you have difficulties like

- No guaranteeing agency

- Incomplete dossier preparation

- Language barrier

- Your nationality belongs to the restricted list.


Why don’t you choose our service?

✓ Long-term experience in applying temporary residence card

✓ Support to complete the dossiers with documents of all kinds

✓ Improve incomplete dossiers as well as correct mistakes in documents

✓ Simplified procedures to save your time

✓ Pickup and delivery dossier to your door for free within Ho Chi Minh City

VNHUB’s procedures

Receive information

Consult and analyze

Pick up the dossier at your door or at our office

Sign contract, transparency guaranteed

Process the dossier as required

 Inform the result

To learn more about Vietnam temporary residence card for foreigners, please contact us:

- Visit our office at: 112/6 Pham Van Bach, Ward 15, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City

- Get consultancy via our hotline at:  0907.874.240 or 08.666.777.35

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