Vietnam visa extension service for foreigners – Cheap – Reliable – Success rate 100%

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/Vietnam visa extension service for foreigners – Cheap – Reliable – Success rate 100%

Wish to stay longer in Vietnam but your visa is about to expire? Just discover more with what we share below to prepare for your visa extension!


Visa extension requires step-by-step process. With VNHUB, you’ll experience the simplest procedures and high success rate without waiting for too long.

You’re staying in Vietnam with Tourist Visa (DL), Relative Visit Visa (TT) or Working Visa (LD), etc. If your visa is about to expire and you wish to extend your trip, it’s necessary to extend your visa to avoid overstaying. However, the visa extension must be done with a step-by-step process which takes time and legal procedures so as not to affect your rights and benefits when staying in Vietnam.

If you want to extend your visa but still don’t know about the related procedures, please visit our website at or contact our hotline at 0907.874.240 for quick support.


Types of visa extension

- Extend for 1 more month: If your current visa is one month single, one month multiple, 3 months single or 3 months multiple, you can extend your visa in 1 more month.

- Extend for 3 more months: If your current visa 3 month single or 3 month multiple, you can extend your visa in 3 more months.

Difficulties foreigners may have when extending their visas by themselves

- Don’t know exactly about the required documents

- Can’t find a trustful visa extension service in Vietnam

- Complicated procedures


Vietnam visa extension

Vietnam visa extension

Who can extend visa?

- Foreigners entering Vietnam for business, tourism and relative visit

- Foreign investors

- Chief Representative Office in Vietnam, Head of Project Office of foreign NGO

- Foreign lawyers who are granted a license for practicing law in Vietnam by Vietnam Ministry of Justice

- Foreign workers who hold a Vietnam work permit

- Foreign managers, CEOs, experts or technicians

If your current visa is about to expire and you want to stay longer in Vienam, you must apply for visa extension. Otherwise, you’ll be fined, and it may be more difficult for you to extend your visa in the future.

Why choose our visa extension service?

✓Be able to process incomplete dossiers

✓Can handle expired visa

✓Simplest procedures

✓Can deal with fast & emergent cases

✓ No waiting

✓ No worries about the results

Vietnam visa extension

The reason why should you choose our company for Vietnam visa extension ?

- Is a company with the permission of the Immigration Department

- Bring you assurance with a 100% passing rate

- You will be satisfied because we are on time

- If you are lack of documents, we will assist you maximum.

- You are afraid to prepare papers and documents,  we will help them become the most compact

- Are you worried about high costs? Our company is the headquarters so the price will definitely be cheaper.

- Refund 100% if there are any stuck

- We always have many good incentive policy for customers to follow in groups, introducers, partners.

Understand your worries when you come to the service. It is not only  money, but also whether it is successful or not. If the missed luck, the consequences will be like? Due to a reputable company in the field of visa for over 15 years, we are committed never to such silly incidents. Because we have a clear screening, only receiving documents that we actually have a secure solution to.

Vietnam visa extension

Required documents for each visa type

► Tourism/ Relative visit

- Original passport valid at least 06 months

- Photo of visa

- The latest date of entry to Vietnam

- Temporary address in Vietnam

 ► Business/ Working

+ Registration form

+ Company’s signature and seal registration

+ Working schedule in Vietnam

+ Entry request form - form NA2

► We can provide you with all of the above forms. If you have no guaranteeing companies, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Note: The required documents may vary depending on the status of the applicant. Please contact us to learn more exactly about your case.

Vietnam visa extension

Vietnam visa extension service for foreigners

VNHUB visa extension procedures

Receive information

Consult and analyze

Pick up the dossier at your door or at our office.

Sign contract, transparency guaranteed.

Process the dossier as required.

 Inform the result

To learn more about Vietnam visa extension, please contact us:

- Get consultancy via our hotline at:  0907.874.240 or 08.666.777.35

- Visit our office at: 112/6 Pham Van Bach, Ward 15, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City


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