What to do if your Vietnamese tourist visa expires?

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/What to do if your Vietnamese tourist visa expires?

Nowadays, the number of foreign travelers entering Vietnam for tourism and work is increasingly rising, so visa procedures concern the many. Normally, foreign tourists stay during a permitted period determined on their visa. What to do next if their Vietnamese tourist visa expires?





What to do next?

Vietnamese tourist visa’s duration is different, depending on which country the traveler comes from. Foreign visitors are allowed to stay within assigned duration only. According to the regulations, for a longer stay, their visa must be extended or re-issued.

Visa extension simply means extending the duration of the previous visa if the applicant can demonstrate that the remaining purpose is legitimate. It can be extended from 01 month to 03 months, applied for both single and multiple-entry visa. It is a necessary procedure for who wants to enjoy a longer vacation in Vietnam.

For those who are visa exempted and would like to remain longer after staying 15 days in Vietnam, they have to get a new visa stamped at the Vietnamese Immigration Department. The maximum extended duration for tourists is 15 days.

Visitors entering with the tourist visa can extend it up to 01 month or 02 months at the Vietnamese Immigration Department.

Necessary documents for visa extension for foreigners in Vietnam:

- Visa extension form for foreigners – Form NA5

- Original passport of the applicant

In case of holding tourist visa (DL), foreigners cannot extend it by themselves but authorize international travel agencies to be supported. Processing time is usually from 5 to 7 working days.

The followings must be provided:

- Current type of visa (For instance: Tourist, 01 month or 03 months)

- Place of issue (at the Embassy or airport border gate)

- Temporary residence address

- The reason to stay in Vietnam

After collecting all the above from customers, service agencies will provide suitable assistance for each case.

Where to extend Vietnam visa?

Nowadays, many agencies provide this kind of service; however, not all of them can process it fast and successfully. Therefore, to enjoy a quality and quick service, visitors should choose the most reliable agencies with many years of experience in this field.

If you wish to extend your tourist visa for yourself or your relatives, don’t hesitate to contact us. Don’t worry about any preparation steps Let us help you!



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