Online Vietnam visa application on arrival for Azerbaijanis

Online Vietnam visa application on arrival for Azerbaijanis
Online Vietnam visa application on arrival for Azerbaijanis

There is no Vietnam Embassy in Azerbaijan, so it is very difficult to apply for a Vietnam visa. If you want to get it quickly, you should use our online Vietnam visa application service for Azerbaijanis.

Currently, there are 3 ways to apply for a Vietnam visa. We will analyze the pros and cons of each way so that you can choose the best option for yourself.

► Option 1: Direct apply at the Vietnam Embassy in your neighboring countries

+ Pros: Applying by this way will make you feel secure about the visa results as visa will be stamped directly on your passport. Moreover, by this way you can apply a wider range of visa categories than the others, such as visa (ĐT) for investors and visa LĐ for laborers, etc.

+ Cons: Not as flexible, simple and fast as the online application service. No visa results guarantee.

► Option 2: Apply for an e-Visa application via the following website and follow instructions: 

+ Pros: This way applied technology on the website, so it’s very convenient for users who already collect enough travel information to process such as the flight number to Vietnam.

+ Cons: This testing version shows a lot of disadvantages in use. First of all, the interface is not really friendly for users. Secondly, numbers of dates on e-Visa is restricted to 30 days only. Thirdly, the number of visa categories is limited.  Finally, visa approval rate is uncertain.

► Option 3: Apply for a visa Approval Letter of the Vietnam Immigration Department first. Then as you arrive in Vietnam, you will get visa stamped at the Customs Office.

+ Pros: Suitable for emergency need within 30 minutes, ensure 100% success rate, visa validity up to 1 year, then after entry, you will be supported for work permit, temporary residence card, etc.

+ Cons: Only applied for three types of visa: Tourist Visa (DL), Business Visa (DN) and Family Visit Visa (TT, VR). Labor Visa (LĐ) and Investment Visa (ĐT) are not in this list.

From all above, we can see the third option is the most optimal. In general, the cost paid for those three ways may be the same, but the differences are in the other factors. For convenience, simplicity, quickness, applying for an Approval Letter is superior.

Who is allowed to grant an Approval Letter on Arrival?

All the international travel companies or qualified companies can guarantee for your arrival if you have obvious travel purpose and determined immigration destination. This guarantee is showed in a document called Approval Letter on Arrival, which is prepared and sent to the Vietnam Immigration Department by those companies. If approved, you will 100% obtain a visa; however, this visa will be stamped on your passport after you check in at Vietnamese International Airports (4 accepted airports: Noi Bai, Da Nang, Cam Ranh and Tan Son Nhat). To be sure of entry, you must have an Approval Letter sent to you by those companies, which also means that you must have it done before entering Vietnam.

Note: You must check-in and have your passport stamped at the airport registered on the approval letter before. Otherwise, you must not be allowed to enter.

Vietnam visa application for Azerbaijanis applied by Approval Letter is a fast and effective solution. We recommend you to choose this way because in addition to that, you can select many extra services such as fast line- up, airport transfers with reasonable cost, and free consultancy of hotels, tours and work.

Being a prestigious international travel company, we are committed to ensuring the best quality service for our customers. 100% refund if the visa is refused.

Vietnam Embassy address in Azerbaijan

There is currently no Vietnam Embassy in Azerbaijan. If you want to obtain a Vietnam visa, you can choose one of the followings:

► Apply directly for a visa at the nearest Vietnam diplomatic missions (or Vietnam Embassy) in your neighboring countries.

► Apply for an e-Visa on the Immigration Department website

► Obtain an Approval Letter on our website (ensure 100% approval rate)

Also you can see more information on Vietnam visa in other countries

Visa services for Azerbaijan is committed to the best price and the fastest processing. Thank you for the trust and our choice.

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