Vietnam Visa Information for Burundi

Vietnam Visa Information for Burundi

Due to some private reasons, it is more difficult for citizens of Burundi to get Vietnam visa. Therefore, applicant of this nationality shall need to pay higher service fee and can apply for tourism visa (for stay up to 3 months only) or business visa (for 1 month, single entry visa only)

- Extra service fee: 117 USD/person

- The fastest visa service you can apply is urgent service (guaranteed 8 working hours) for tourism purpose. Emergent service and overtime service are not available for this nationality.

- For business visa: Information of inviting company in Vietnam must be provided. shall contact your inviting company for documents required by Vietnam Immigration Department for visa processing. Processing time can be up to 8 working days since all required documents are well-received by

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Visa services for Burundi is committed to the best price and the fastest processing. Thank you for the trust and our choice.

If you have any questions.Do not hesitate to contact +84796967459 for support