Online Vietnam visa application on arrival for Korean

Online Vietnam visa application on arrival for Korean
Online Vietnam visa application on arrival for Korean

We provide a quick Vietnam visa application service for Korean within 1 minute. The service is applied for Korean citizens who are using ordinary passports and wishing to stay in Vietnam for over 15 days or those entering Vietnam on purposes for work or business.

South Korea is one of the exceptional nations that Vietnamese gorvenment applies the unilateral visa exemption policy within 15 staying days for Korean citizens using ordinary passports. In addition, Korean can apply for an electronic visa (evisa) within 30 staying days. 

There are 3 ways to get a Vietnam visa:

► Option 1: Apply for a visa directly at the Vietnam Embassy in Korea. This is the way that only a few people choose because of its high failure rate, complicated procedure and waiting time about 1 week. 

Option 2: Apply for an evisa in here https: // evisa. and follow the instructions. 

Option 3: Online application for a Visa Approval Letter within 1 minute and when coming to Vietnam you only need to have the passport stamped. The processing time is from 30 minutes to 48 hours upon your demands of service. More and more people choose this way because of its quickness, convenience, high passing rate, reasonable cost. 

What is Approval Letter on Arrival? 

Normally that Korean apply for a Vietnam visa following the first option is only applied to those who live near the Vietnamese office of foreign affairs in Korea, so it is convinient for them to submit their application. If they go to a travel or visa agent, the staff will suggest the first option because if they suggest the third option, their clients can do it themselves without the service. With the second option, there is still a possibility of failure and is not as simple as the third option.

Currently, most people coming to Vietnam, they often choose the third option because of its convenience and Korean are not an exception. Online Vietnam Visa Application for Korean can take place anytime and anywhere with the fast approval and cheap price. 

For example, a Korean visitor wants to immigrate into Vietnam but he is in France. It will be difficult if he applies for a Vietnam visa under the first option. With the second option you only need to access to our website and take a few steps: fill in information - make the payment, then surely you will have a visa approval letter sent to your email. After that when you come to Vietnam, you only need to have the passport stamped at the Vietnamese border, so you can have a legal entry to Vietnam. 

We are an International Travel Company appointed by the Immigration Department so you don't have to worry about the authenticity 

► Why Choose Us?

It would be very difficult to prove that "VIETNAM VISA SERVICE is a reputable, trustworthy and professional agent with good quality service” if you have never experienced our services. Information listed below will help you have an overview about us:  reputable - professional - quality.

+ We are a prestigious international travelers company limited, based at a fixed address in Vietnam, so you can totally trust in.

+ We have 15 years of experience in our field, which is the evidence for the professional level of a reputable and quality agent.

+ We are appointed by Vietnam Immigration Department to provide services.

+ We are the headquarter of our company, not the agent of any other company.

+ We own enough legal status to guarantee you.

+ We apply a variety of convenient contact methods such as live chat, phone, email, etc.

+ Our specialists can proficiently communicate in English to answer all your queries.

+ 100% refund in case of unpunctuality or mistakes, redo 100% free

+ All steps are clear when signing the contract. All costs and information are listed and showed clearly and transparently before signing the contract.  

Establishing a Vietnam online visa application service system is not simple and must be controlled under strict law. We always emphasize on the benefits of customers so as not to harm our prestige and the image of Vietnam.

Vietnam Visa Application Service for Korean via Visa Approval Letter on Arrival is a quick and effective solution. We recommend that you should use this way. In addition, when applying for a Visa Approval Letter on Arrival, you might get some other extra services, such as: Fast Track, Airport Pickups with reasonable prices, Consulting for Accomodations, Travel Tours, Free Job Advice.

With a good reputation of an international travel company, our services are committed to be the highest guarantee, and 100% refund if the visa application fails. 



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Visa services for South Korea is committed to the best price and the fastest processing. Thank you for the trust and our choice.

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