Vietnam Visa Extension/Renewal Service for Korean

Vietnam Visa Extension/Renewal Service for Korean
Vietnam Visa Extension/Renewal Service for Korean

When your visa expires and depending on the type of visa that you are using, you need to apply for a visa extension if you want to stay longer in Vietnam. In order to have a quick visa extension application process, you might wish to make a reference to our Vietnam visa extension service for Korean. 

Korean citizens who are permitted to extend the visa:

✓ Korean who come to Vietnam to visit relatives or to travel

✓ Korean investors

✓ Heads of the NGOs’ or International Organizations’ representative offices.

✓ Korean lawyers licensed by the Ministry of Justice

✓ Korean citizens granted the work permits in Vietnam


♦ To get a Vietnam visa extension in the normal way will take a lot of time with the complicated procedures. However, it will be particular when using our service for a Vietnam visa extension for Korean, all the procedures will be simplified in a short time of processing, and on-time delivery.


If you wish to extend your visa, please provide the following documents:
For Travel, Relatives Visit: only passport (Visa extension is applied to Muslim countries). 
For Business and Working
+ Registration Application form. 
+ Application signature form - company seal. 
+ Working Schedule in Vietnam. 
+ NA2 Application form. 

Contact: Please come directly to our office or we will send our staff to your company (if over 5 people). 

Hotline: 0903.111.062 

Why choose A Chau to be the service provider to handle Vietnam Visa Extension for Korean. 
- Simplifying the procedures to the maximum. 
- Committing to the high passing rate and a 100% refund if any incident occurs. 
- Quick processing for weak, unsufficient, difficult cases. 
- The most reasonable price. Do not commit the cheapest price but commit the best reputation. 
- Always on-time and forever so. 
- Special commission for companies, groups of over 5 people or introducers. 

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Vietnam Visa Extension/Renewal Service for Korean is committed to the best price and the fastest processing. Thank you for the trust and our choice.

If you have any questions.Do not hesitate to contact +84796967459 for support