100% Refund Policy

Our online Vietnamese Visa System was born to serve, to meet all clients’ requirements; including 100% refund to ensure maximum benefits for clients. ​
We accept 100% refund if the following situations occur: 
- Approval Letter on Arrival is wrong because of our fault. 
- Approval Letter on Arrival is not sent to you on time. 
- Approval Letter on Arrival was refused by Immigration Department. 
+ Refunds will be paid into your account, which was used to make the payment for us,  within 7 days from the time of the incident. 
+ We will send a Refund Confirm to your email after the refund transaction made.

► If after 7 days, you have not received the refund, please contact us at the following address: refun@getvisavietnam.net
We will not accept to refund for the following cases:
♦ For the Approval Letter on Arrival
-If the status is put under "payment received" or "processing" or "Approval Letter on  Arrival sent to your Email".
-Inaccurate information is because of the client’s fault.
-After 48 hours, Approval Letter on Arrival sent to the email of the client, but there isn’t any feedback.
♦ For extra services such as Fast Track and Car Transfer
-If we have arranged these services for the customers.
-If the client does not provide flight details, including your flight number and arrival time.
-If the client has any change about the flight details and arrival date but does not inform us in advance