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In addition to Approval Letter service, we also provide services to make the process of immigration quicker and access to our country easier.


Fast Visa Stamping Service.


This service is applicable for customers who use Approval Letter service on our system. This service will help you save the most of the time and increase the comfort. Specifically:

In order to help you avoid wasting time and have to wait in a long line at the registration counter at the Vietnamese airports for stamping visa, our staff will have all immigration procedures ready and ask for your passport stamped at the airport within only a few minutes.


Who should use Fast Visa Stamping Service? 
♦ Busy Entrepreneurs. 
♦ People coming to Vietnam for the first time. 
♦ People who have limited time do not wish to spend too much time at the airport. 
♦ People with children coming to Vietnam. 
♦ People who travel in large groups. 
♦ Pregnancy ladies, Disable people.


The steps to register and use the Fast Visa Stamping Service: 
Step 1:
Click on “Fast Visa Stamping Service”, when you register for Visa Application, including flight number, departure time and arrival time (International time zone GMT +7) or send a request for using the service via phone or email and provide us with the information mentioned above. If you change your flight, please inform us 48 hours before your flight is landing (except Saturday, Sunday and holidays).


Step 2: When your flight arrives in Vietnam, please find the person who is holding the welcome board with your name on it. In case, you cannot find out our staff, please call us at the hotline + 84.903.111.062.


Step 3: Give our staff the approval letter of Visa, immigration declaration form, passport, two photos of you, and stamping duties (25 $US/ person for type of single entry Visa and 50 $US/ person for type of multiple entry Visa, valid for 3 months), so our staff are able to complete all your immigration procedures.


Step 4: Receive your passport stamped back from our staff. 

Refund policy within 48 working hours: Please confirm your flight information before 48 hours so that we can provide the Stamping Service at the airport in the best way. In contrast, if we do not receive your confirmation, we will not be liable to refund when we are unable to pick you up at the airport.


Pickup Service at the airport. 

You might have some difficulties when using the public transportation services in Vietnam for the first time. In order to support for you, we will provide Pickup Service at the airport for a reasonable price.

To experience a relaxed journey with our drivers, who can speak English fluently. Furthermore, these drivers are quite careful, well-trained and very friendly. They will take you to anywhere that you want to go quickly and safely. 

When you wish to use the Pickup Service, please confirm this information while making Visa Application to Vietnam or contact us at the email address: support@vietnamvisa.me - If necessary, you may call us at the hotline number +84.0903.111. 062.

Our customer service team will always be willing to support you all of the best information and guides.