Payment Method

As our target, we set out when building this online visa system is convenient, reliable and safe. The payment method is also very simple but always ensures high security through a system of the international cash transaction. 
When making a payment for services on our system. You can pay via PAYPAL


Paypal is an online payment gate, international transfer (Middle service) helps you make payment while shopping and make online payment service, or receive payments from foreign accounts to the banks all countries in the world. 
Paypal is a tool to replace the traditional method transfers such as mail/money order, SEC, Western Union ... 
Paypal works on the e-commerce base via the internet, and charges as transactions arising like Transferring - Withdrawing. 

Via PAYPAL, you can pay by using debit or credit card, it is very convenient and safe.

► You can register for an account and follow the link: 
► Or download apps for mobile for Aroid operating systems, iOS, WindowPhone officially issued by Paypal. 

Why choosing Paypal, not other tools?
- The payment system is extremely secured. 
- Wide Network systems, used around the world quickly and conveniently. 
- The safe transaction for both sellers and buyers (features may reclaim to get back the money after transferring money to other accounts as phishing). 
- Good and quick customer service.

Limiting the bank account information leaked out because any time of making payment, you don’t have to enter the international card number (VISA, Mastercard), as it is input when registering PayPal account.

► For customers who are in Vietnam or have relatives, friends in Vietnam authorized can pay directly at the Office of our company at 266/14 Hoang Hoa Tham street, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.