Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


This is policy to protect and maintain the security of users and their clients, as well as confidential information supplied by clients, according to the terms described below . 
To implement our commitment to privacy, we encourage all existing users and future of ours  read carefully this privacy policy before using the functions on the website. 
This privacy statement said the information that we collect, how we use the information and how to modify the information. Our goal is to give you the control over your privacy of personal information as a highest rate as possible. Ensure that we will not disclose the personal information to third parties without your permission.

By using this site, you agreed with the terms in our Terms of Use and Privacy Statement. has the right to add and/or modify this statement at any time.

Security commits  to ensure maximum privacy and security. All transactions are confirmed by the users, including credit card processing performed using SSL technology (network information security protocol), has support from your browsers, encrypts all the information you send to us. Our security certificate was verified by Comodo Group (USA), which are using the best encryption trade tool on the Internet nowadays. We also always use all ways to protect the personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction due to the implementation of the policies and processes that cause to ensure personal information only used for the purpose of gathering information.


We have applied solutions to ensure that the information you provide for us be recorded correctly and accurately. We allow you access to your personal information at any time to change or repair as needed.
1. Information collected from/about customers is used only for the purpose of providing a better service. This information will never be disclosed to third parties without the customer's permission. All information you provide to us is completely confidential and will be protected from unauthorized use.
2. The financial transactions, Credit card transactions are always processed through one of the credit card processing companies (the third party). All of your information is encrypted and used only to complete the proper transaction. Our database only saves the last 4 digits of your credit card to complete the verification process and approval.


3. The Cookies message. uses cookies alert system to identify clients when they visit our site. The alert lets us customize their traffic on this website. You can "turn on" or activate the alert for cookies on the browser that you use to register. But if you choose to disable the alert for cookies, you can still browse the information on our website. Cookies do not store any personal information. All information is completely confidential and never sold or disclosed outside the company. can display the links or ads, on web pages or other companies might use the alert cookies system. In such cases, is not liable for all or any of the information that these parties can obtain through the use of the alert cookies. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with the privacy policy and general standard information of these websites because the standards and policies that may differ from the policies and standards of the
4. Information System. has the right to collect and store information such as: IP address, browser type, or operating system type. All information is highly confidential and will only be used for the purposes of system administration. This information helps to diagnose the problem, monitor traffic and site usage.
5. E-mail. uses the e-mails to inform our members or clients about changes in the status of their Approval Letter on Arrival, the changes in the database and on our web site or when adding new features or services. As also a part of the service, can send notifications via e-mails whenever we have special discount programs, or when we have new products or new features. Our e-mail list will be kept confidential and never sold or provided to third parties.
6. To change or modify your information. 

You can change or modify your personal profile at any time by using the client’s ID (login) and password. This method ensures the safety of your information. Please notify us of unauthorized using ID (login)/password or your computer. is not responsible for any damage, loss or change of information caused by the unauthorized use of the client ID (login)/ password or your computer.


The cases are not under our responsibility

Communication over the Internet as well as the applications used to provide the online services may have different security risks. In this case, will not be liable for any loss, either directly or indirectly, or as a result of an incident, special or tough, caused by or related to the use, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or deletion of any information , whether secured or not, as a result of the illegal system intrusions or any other security violation, or due to a system error. Therefore, is not responsible for warranty of the hardware and software used to provide the security and support of this website including the default warranty, the compatibility for a specific purpose and the accidental loss, in particular, direct or as the result of an another impact. Therefore,, officers, employees, partners, affiliates, subsidiaries, successors, franchises and third-party agents will not be liable, whether directly or indirectly, in any way, to you and any other individuals about any cases of incorrect information , using for the wrong purposes, false, information being intercepted by third parties, viruses or hacker attacks lead to the consequences of loss of data or services including, but not limited to, errors or interruptions in the transmission process or provide the service. have not had any links to other sites. These links are given only for the purpose of information and assistance to locate other internet resources. Therefore, we will not be responsible for the security of information and content om these websites.


By using this website and the services at the website, you accept unconditionally the terms of this Privacy Statement and Terms of Use of ours. You agree to comply with the terms governing the use of this website and services on the website and also dominating all of your information  and other users of provided. If you do not agree with all or any of the terms of this Privacy Statement, please do not use this website.