Terms Of Service

“Please, read carefully our terms before using the services on vietnamvisa.me”


When you use Visa Application services to Vietnam and other services on the website vietnamvisa.me, it is obviously understood that you have already read and agreed with all using terms as well as agreeing not to violate our regulations.


All information on our website vietnamvisa.me is officially public and understandable. If there is any queries, complaints, please send it to our email: support@achau.net.

Please, note that the terms might be changed anytime for adapting to the reality situations, it means whenever you wish to use our services, please check again for the using terms to avoid unnecessary problems or disputes.


   Time for processing Visa Application.


Time for processing a Visa application to Vietnam at vietnamvisa.me is 48 working hours (for the regular services) or 24 working hours (for the urgent services), except Saturday and Sunday if you apply for the services on these days. Time for processing is counted when your request is sent to our system, including your payment. If you have not done your payment for that service, we would not wish to proceed the application and there would not be any Visa sent to you.


For the urgent Visa application.


After finishing all the steps for Visa application on our system, please call our hotline to confirm: 0903.111.062. If there is no response from our customer service, please cancel this application and do not make any payment.

If you do not call to confirm or call but there is no response from us, and you still make the payment, then the refund will not be made in the case of any incidents. If that application is sent to Vietnamese Immigration Department and approved, we still send that Visa application to your email and it is obviously understood that the transaction is successfully completed.


Service Cost and Payment Method.


You agree to make payment for cost when using the services provided or guided by vietnamvisa.me (including “Service Cost” and “Visa Stamping Cost”). For the service cost, you can make the payment through our online system on vietnamvisa.me or authorize for someone to make the payment directly at our office. For the Visa Stamping cost, you will make the payment for the customs officers at Vietnamese airports. Please, note that the Visa Stamping Cost might change anytime without any notice. This cost is decided by the Immigration Department, it is obviously understood that it is not related to our system. However, we will update this information as early as possible.


  Visa Application Cancelation.

Vietnamese Immigration Department does not have the refund policy for all fees related to Visa Application to Vietnam as the fees related to Visa application base on the volume of work to be done, not on each Visa application issued. Therefore, you need to contact us right away if you wish to cancel the Visa application with vietnamvisa.me to avoid the costs incurred unnecessarily.

Once Visa application is in the status “Complete Payment”, it means that your Visa application is being processed and we will not make any refund. Therefore, before applying for Visa online and make the payment, please make sure your plan to Vietnam will not be changed.

In order to have the transaction go well, you have to give us all the accurate and necessary information for your Visa application at the time you intend to depart.

vietnamvisa.me do not take any responsibilities for any circumstances related to Visa application denied because of inaccurate information provided by you. For our part, we will send you the Visa when Vietnamese Immigration Department approves. So when you get an email from us, please read and check all information for timely correction if there is any discrepancy. In case, there is any discrepancy, we will use all information that you provide as a proof base to see who should be responsible for that fault, then we will have solutions under our regulations or your requests.


Refund Regulation.


If there is any reason that you want to cancel the service before vietnamvisa.me receive your information or before you make the payment, you might not get any penalty or charge by informing us through email or calling us at your hotline. You will be refunded all the fee that you make payment for this service. However, if you decide to cancel this service after making the payment and the status of your Visa Application is changed to “Processing” or “Successfully processed”, the refund for the service will not be done.


Promotion Information

By using this website and services on vietnamvisa.me, you are already allowed us to contact you through email or telephone for all purposes, including promotion ads related to our company’s services.



By the action applying for Visa, you confirm the information that you provide is accurate and true. You must be responsible for protecting your ID user (login) and your password. You must take responsibilities for all of the times using ID user (login), including legal or illegal using. You agree to inform us immediately whenever your ID user is used illegally. Please find out more information at “Security Regulation Declaration”  about the information sent to us.