What is “Approval letter ”?

The approval letter is a relatively new concept for the Vietnamese but in fact, it has been applying more than 15 years for international visitors. So What is Approval Letter? why does everyone use this letter instead of the traditional visa? 

Approval letter as a letter of approval from the Bureau of Immigration for allowing a Vietnamese enterprise to guarantee foreigners into Vietnam for the purpose of tourism, trade, labor, or visiting relatives.
Approval letter allows you to enter into Vietnam. However, before the entry,  you will have customs officers stick Visa Stamp on your passport at the international borders. If not, your Approval letter has no value.
On the Approval letter, it will specify information such as name, age, passport number, gate entry and length of staying in Vietnam. 
When you use a Vietnamese visa issued in your country by Vietnamese consulates or evisa applied in some countries when making entry procedures it must be stamped customs. The approval letter is the same.
Obtaining the Approval letter is simpler and the success rate up to 100%. The normal way applying for a visa, you are required to do all the complicated procedures, it takes a lot of time leading to wasting more money but when getting visa on arrival through the guarantee of an international travel company, you only need to enter some basic information on the system so that you can pack your luggage to fly to Vietnam then. 
When applying for an Approval letter, Is there any arisen cost? 

When applying for Approval letter on our system, we ensure there is no cost arisen. But when entering into Vietnam, at the customs gate, you have to pay stamp duties. Depending on the time, stamp duties may have fluctuations. For example, the time you enter into Vietnam from 1 to 3 months, the stamp duty will be 25 $US/ a single person.

Why should use Approval letter? 
Before applying for Vietnamese visa, it is common for everyone to come to consulates for a visa. However, when international travel businesses apply information technology in use to provide visa services, they got a lot of good comments of clients. This trend is increasing because of the convenience, quicks, and security of it. For example, you are an American and come to a country where there is no Consulate office of Vietnam, it will be extremely difficult to get Vietnamese visa there. However, if you apply for an Approval letter, only need a smartphone or computer connected to the internet to access our system, you will definitely have a visa then. Too easy and too convenient. 
Applying for Approval letter is more secure and cheaper. The cost of Approval letter and the stamp duties at the airport is considerably cheaper than the cost of applying for a visa in the normal way. You can verify, but we can confirm that.

Is that safe if using Approval letter? 
All companies providing the Approval letter must have international travel business licenses, deposit for guarantee and designated by the Immigration Department. If there are any signs of fraud, you can contact the Immigration Bureau or Vietnamese consulates to denounce and claim for the loss. Frankly, there has not been any fraud company in this field at all. Why? Because everything is under control of the State and it will be severely punished by the authority if taking any fraud.